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Customizable Private Content and Idea Exchange Platform

MyNet facilitates private idea and content exchange within a group or organization. Product Demo Screenshots.

Analytics services: Consolidating App Tracking

The Performance Dashboard allows your top management team to Track the important revenue generation and engagement performance metrics of your App all on one elegant page.
We work directly with your analytics data provider (for example, AppFigures, Flurry, Swrve, ... ) as well as revenue data providers (e.g. Tapjoy, Google Checkout, ...) to collect and consolidate all your analytics data, and present you the most important numbers and trends.

Location-based services

Mapping the Toronto Public Library Locations
Map of Toronto Public Library Branches

Mapping the Blacks Photography Branch Locations
Map of Blacks Photography Branches

Mapping the Toronto Public School Board schools
Map of Toronto District School Board school

Mapping the Toronto Catholic School Board schools
Map of Toronto Catholic School Board school

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