Elegant and Effective Solutions

Client: a leading independent mobile game developer in Toronto.

the client's core competency is creating highly engaging and visually appealing games for smartphones and tablets. They had several successful games in the top 10 category in the Apple App Store, however a missing feature in these apps was the users inability to keep her score and some of the vital data for the game saved off-device. As a result of that as well as the push for introducing a proprietary "virtual currency", the client had identified "cloud connectivity" to a ubiquitous databank as a high-immediacy strategic direction. Cloud connectivity for this client meant the ability of storing user data in a secure and flexible central server accessible securely and privately through the Internet.

through close collaboration with the client team, we created a fully integrated, turnkey solution to store data from the game application, through a secure connection over the Internet, in a flexible-schema database. Furthermore, we helped the client save on costs (up to 80% in staffing costs) by offering a Managed Service Agreement to provide Cloud Connectivity for a subscription fee.

Technologies used:
Rational and Document Database technology, Amazon Cloud infrastructure, Proprietary high-performance server architecture (SOA), industry-standard cryptographic libraries to ensure security of the connection to the cloud servers.

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